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Travel, teaching, relaxation, and adventure…These are a few of my favorite things. I find these things to be therapeutic for all of us. As a dance educator & yogi for 20+ years and a Pilates and Barre teacher for 10+ years, it is passion which drives me. I discovered Pilates about 15 years ago when I was injured and unable to dance. It transformed my body and way of looking at movement! Each of my Pilates classes are taylored to be unique fusion classes of all I know and love- they are safe, strengthening, challenging and relaxing. I have been hosting retreats since 2012 and have found travel to be the perfect accompaniment to my love of teaching. I have hosted Retreats in Costa Rica, Tulum, Sayulita, Rincon, Dominican Republic, and Upstate New York. What’s better than taking fun, energetic classes with beautiful, exotic backdrops? On my retreats, I want my guests to explore not only yourselves and your own practices, but also unbelievable destinations, scrumptious cuisines, and a multitude of activities. I am an adventurer who loves to take risks! Sometimes just sitting by a pool or beach for moments of reflection or reading a good book is what I crave. Whatever your preference, I want to have all my guests and students fulfill their goals and have a complete experience of Serenity and Strength.
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